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Here at Pacsafe, we specialise in packaging materials. We offer both bespoke and standard products for any industrial or domestic purpose.

Packaging Materials

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Stabilize, Protect and Secure your valued products.

Bespoke Packaging

Full range of bespoke packaging products, from; Branded Tape, Boxes, Polythene, even strapping.


We are mainstream distributors of industry standard packaging materials.

Quality Packaging

High quality and durable industrial packaging for many end markets.

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We specialise in packaging materials.

Our main aim is to provide our customers with the best quality and affordable packaging products that there is to offer. View our product range.

One of our most popular range products, is our large variety of boxes. These vary from small single wall boxes to help you move house, all the way to strong, double wall boxes designed for maximum protection and security for high end products.

As a provider of Flexible Packaging Materials with the customer in mind, we also offer a bespoke service. Customise your cardboard boxes, tape and strapping, they can be designed and personalised however you like. Whatever dimensions and printed design you wish for, we can make it happen.

Our products consist of much more than boxes, we have more flexible packaging materials in our product range; pallet stretch wraps and films, a variety of tapes and specialist tapes; along with a large range of bags for industrial and personal use.

For any mailing and despatch requirements or even more security & protection, buckles and strapping; check out what we have available.