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Cardboard Boxes

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Bespoke Printed Box

Did you know? The average e-commerce order reaches over 10 different locations before finally arriving at your doorstep. its essential that your packaging can withstand getting from point A to B safely and securely. Thats why our high quality, durable double wall boxes are a perfect solutions for this. Available in single and double wall, this is the perfect companion when transporting valuable products.

Combined with our high performance stretch film, you can’t go wrong.

Moving Kits

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Moving Kits Icon

Moving House? We’ve recently added a couple of moving kits to our extensive product range. Comprising of all those essential items you need to ensure all your possessions and valuables arrive safely at your new home. Our moving kit are made up of high quality, durable packaging products, to ensure a smooth transition process, and no damages.

We have also introduced a range of “Add-Ons” to our moving kits, which allow you to enhance your kit even further by adding more packaging products such as; wardrobe boxes, extra large boxes, bubblewrap, the list goes on!

Hand Stretch Wrap

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High Performance Stretch Films

Our high performance stretch wrap is an essential part of your packaging process. It allows palletised goods to be secured properly during both transit and storage.

Our stretch films are all fully recyclable after use, so be sure to dispose properly. Whatever your job, big or small. We offer a suitable range of pallet stretch wrap ensuring to satisfy your needs.