Our Innovative

Packaging Solutions

We keep in stock a wide range of packaging for maximum protection.

Pallet Wrap Machine Film

We stock an innovative and diverse range of flexible films which package, protect and secure a wide variety of products in a host of industry sectors. Developed to meet the most demanding working conditions and environments, our films provide uncompromising strength and durability as well as ease and consistency in application.

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Boxes & Cartons

We supply both conventional and die-cut, plain or printed boxes in a variety of different board grades and finishes, in any quantity to customer’s specific requirements.

Bubble Wrap

We supply a full range of small and large bubble wrap, perfect for protecting your items.

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is a perfect way of securing pallets in transit. Polypropylene doesn’t degrade so it’s perfect for long haul.

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Corded Strapping

Our corded strap is useful for securing very heavy loads and works perfect with our 19mm buckles, to ensure maximum security.

Polythene Sheeting

Our polythene sheeting is a useful alternative to shrink bags if the load is not a standard unit. It can also be used as a covering to prevent entry from dust and general weathering.


We provide a diverse collection of plain or printed tapes. We also stock a varied strength of adhesive depending or your requirement.

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Corrugated Paper

We provide different lengths of corrugated paper, which is a similar alternative to bubble wrap.

Foam Edge Protection and Corners

Foam edge protectors and foam edging is a lightweight, durable, high quality foam. Used to protect your valued items, when in transit, or purely just for storage.

Cardboard Edge Protection

Cardboard edges are ideal for reinforcing pallets, and allowing for stability. Working perfectly alongside our 400mm x 300m Hand stretch wrap.

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Layflat Tubing

Layflat tubing is a great way of packaging long items, available in varied lengths and strengths.


Infill is a very simple solution of providing protection to boxed products.

Hand Stretch Wrap Clear/Black

We offer a range of hand stretch wrap, perfect for securing pallets in transit. Whatever your size or weight we can accommodate with micron varying from 12mu to 17mu. If your looking for something abit stronger why not try our black stretch wrap, wrapping up to a tone in weight.

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Our foam rolls are a stronger way of protecting products, for extra satisfaction why not choose foam?

Domestic/Industrial Waste Paper

We stock a range of waste paper that is perfect for absorbing spillages in the work place.